Academic year 2018/2019

CHIMICA Degree Program Profile

Course structure diagram w/credits

Track Chimica

Year 1 (2018/2019)
009ZWBasic Inorganic Chemistry 3 ECTS
688AACalculus I9 ECTS
003ZYEnglish3 ECTS
229CCFundamentals Analytical Chemistry6 ECTS
003CCGeneral and Inorganic Chemistry + Laboratory12 ECTS
332BBGeneral Physics I6 ECTS
001ZWInformatic Capabilities3 ECTS
293CCIntroduction to Organic Chemistry3 ECTS
012AALinear Algebra3 ECTS
Group Attività consigliate per la scelta libera: gruppo 1 - Choice of 6 ECTS from:
 1764ZCertification and Quality Control3 ECTS
 095CCErrors and Data Analysis3 ECTS
 318CCHistory of Chemistry and essentials of Chemistry education3 ECTS
Year 2 (2019/2020)
280AAAdvanced Mathematics6 ECTS
225CCAnalytical Chemistry I + Laboratory 9 ECTS
147BBClassical Electrodynamics6 ECTS
084CCIndustrial Chemistry6 ECTS
088CCInorganic Chemistry I6 ECTS
227CCOrganic Chemistry I + Laboratory9 ECTS
082CCPhysical Chemistry I + Laboratory 12 ECTS
Group Attività consigliate per la scelta libera: gruppo 2 - Choice of 6 ECTS from:
 078CCAtmosphere Chemistry3 ECTS
 319CCChemistry education: principles, methods and best practices3 ECTS
 076CCChemistry of organometallic compounds3 ECTS
 075CCCoordination Chemistry I3 ECTS
Year 3 (2020/2021)
068CCAnalytical Chemistry II + Laboratory 9 ECTS
126EEBiological Chemistry6 ECTS
087CCInorganic Chemistry: selected areas6 ECTS
228CCOrganic Chemistry II + Laboratory12 ECTS
246CCPhysical Chemistry II + Laboratory 15 ECTS
149ZWThesis and final examination15 ECTS
Group Attività consigliate per la scelta libera: gruppo 3 - Choice of 3 ECTS from:
 226CCBioinorganic Chemistry3 ECTS
 073CCChemistry of Cultural Heritage A3 ECTS
 919ZWComplements of mathematics for chemists3 ECTS
 074CCCultural heritage chemistry B3 ECTS
 099CCEnvironmental monitoring3 ECTS
 097CCIntroduction to the organic synthesis 3 ECTS
 104CCMass Spectrometry in Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry3 ECTS
 096CCPhotochemistry: phenomenological aspects3 ECTS
 091CCTheoretical Organic Chemistry3 ECTS
 072CCTransition element chemistry3 ECTS