Academic year 2019/2020

INGEGNERIA CHIMICA Degree Program Profile

Course structure diagram w/credits


Year 1 (2019/2020)
004AACalculus I12 ECTS
310CCGeneral Chemistry12 ECTS
011BBGeneral Physics I.12 ECTS
451AALinear Algebra6 ECTS
018IIMaterial Science and Technology.12 ECTS
020IITechnical Drawing6 ECTS
Year 2 (2020/2021)
153AACalculus II and Advanced Calculus.12 ECTS
537IIChemical Engineering Thermodynamics.9 ECTS
 Free choice6 ECTS
050BBGeneral Physics II6 ECTS
440IIIndustrial Chemical Instrumentation6 ECTS
478IIIntroduction to Industrial Chemistry.6 ECTS
058IIOrganic Chemistry6 ECTS
057IIPrinciples of Electrical Engineering6 ECTS
 Test of English Proficiency.3 ECTS
Year 3 (2021/2022)
675IICorrosion and Protection of Metallic Materials6 ECTS
019IIEnergy Conversion Systems.9 ECTS
291ZZFinal Test3 ECTS
 Free choice6 ECTS
542IIIndustrial Chemistry I9 ECTS
520AANumerical analysis6 ECTS
214HHStrength of Materials.9 ECTS
540IITransport Phenomena.12 ECTS