Academic year 2022/2023

INGEGNERIA CHIMICA Degree Program Profile

Course structure diagram w/credits


Year 1 (2022/2023)
789IIChemical Process Synthesis and Simulation9 ECTS
624IIChemical reaction engineering12 ECTS
203IIEquipment Design for Chemical Industry 9 ECTS
 Free choice6 ECTS
623IIPhysico-Chemical Fluidynamics.6 ECTS
204II Process Dynamics and Control.6 ECTS
625IIUnit Operations12 ECTS
Year 2 (2023/2024)
216IIChemical Plant Design.6 ECTS
251ZWFinal Exam15 ECTS
 Free choice6 ECTS
660IIIndustrial Chemical Processes 6 ECTS
830IIMethods and principles of plant management6 ECTS
197IIProcess Industry Reliability and Safety.6 ECTS
200IIProject Management in Process Industry6 ECTS
252ZWStage9 ECTS