Academic year 2022/2023

INGEGNERIA NUCLEARE Degree Program Profile

Course structure diagram w/credits

Track Unico

Year 1 (2022/2023)
1090IControl of Nuclear Plants6 ECTS
1086INuclear Materials6 ECTS
1087INuclear Measurements6 ECTS
1084INuclear Plants I6 ECTS
1085INuclear Plants II6 ECTS
1088INuclear Thermal Hydraulics 12 ECTS
1091IPhysical Fundamentals of Nuclear Engineering6 ECTS
1089IPhysics and Numerical Models for Nuclear Reactors 12 ECTS
Year 2 (2023/2024)
1546ZFinal examination18 ECTS
1097INuclear Safety12 ECTS
1095IRadiation Protection6 ECTS
1096IStructural Mechanics and Nuclear Constructions12 ECTS
Group Attività consigliate per la libera scelta - Choice of 12 ECTS from:
 1098IComputational Codes for Nuclear Reactors 6 ECTS
 1099IDecommissioning of Nuclear Plants and Radioactive Waste Management6 ECTS
 1100IDesign of Complex Plants6 ECTS
 1101IEngineering of Fusion Reactors 6 ECTS
 2006ZInformatic Training6 ECTS
 1102IMedical Applications of Nuclear Technologies 6 ECTS
 824IINuclear Plant Structural Design6 ECTS
 669IISingle and Two-phase Thermal-hydraulics6 ECTS