Academic year 2020/2021


Course structure diagram w/credits

Track Computer Science and Networking

Year 1 (2020/2021)
301AAAdvanced programming9 ECTS
919IIDigital Communications 12 ECTS
532AAHigh Performance Computing9 ECTS
305AAParallel and distributed systems: paradigms and models9 ECTS
290IITeletraffic engineering9 ECTS
918IIWireless networks 9 ECTS
Year 2 (2021/2022)
290AAAdvanced software engineering9 ECTS
531AAAlgorithm engineering9 ECTS
156ZWFinal Thesis15 ECTS
557ZWFree-choice exam9 ECTS
Group GR-a - Choice of 9 ECTS from:
 521IIApplied optics and propagation6 ECTS
 295AABusiness process modeling6 ECTS
 302AAConcurrent programming6 ECTS
 298AACost models and run time design6 ECTS
 309AAData mining 9 ECTS
 286AADistributed and parallel data bases6 ECTS
 288AADistributed components6 ECTS
 291AADistributed software design lab6 ECTS
 159IIEmbedded systems6 ECTS
 312AAFault tolerance in distributed systems6 ECTS
 311AAInformation and transmission theory9 ECTS
 151IILab of Photonic Systems6 ECTS
 294IIMultimedia network performance6 ECTS
 144IINetworking architectures, components and services9 ECTS
 533AANetwork optimization 6 ECTS
 158IINetworks and technologies for telecommunications9 ECTS
 536AANumerical techniques and applications6 ECTS
 143IIOptical amplification and sensing9 ECTS
 582IIOptical communication theory and techniques9 ECTS
 145IIPacket switching and processing architectures6 ECTS
 314AAParallel and distributed algorithms6 ECTS
 571AAParallel scientific computing6 ECTS
 261AAPeer to Peer Systems and Blockchains6 ECTS
 579IIPerformance and design issues of wireless networks6 ECTS
 300AAPervasive computing6 ECTS
 148IIPhotonic switching9 ECTS
 559IIProgetto di sistemi di trasmissione 6 ECTS
 160IIReal-time systems6 ECTS
 161IIReliability 6 ECTS
 581IIRouting Architectures and Protocols Lab6 ECTS
 293AASecurity methods and verification6 ECTS
 373AASoftware verification methods6 ECTS
 130IIVirtual network environments6 ECTS
 517AAWeb security6 ECTS
 646IIWireless networks of embedded systems6 ECTS
Group GR-c - Choice of 12 ECTS from:
 570AADesign and architecture of complex platforms12 ECTS
 534AADistributed enabling platforms6 ECTS
 306AADistributed operating systems6 ECTS
 303AAICT risk assessment9 ECTS
 289AAInformation retrieval6 ECTS
 569AAParallel and distributed applications9 ECTS
 375AAPrinciples for software composition9 ECTS
 535AAProgramming tools for parallel and distributed systems6 ECTS
 313AASystem virtualization6 ECTS