Geopolitic dynamics of the American continent

Code 209QQ
Credits 6

Learning outcomes

The teaching presupposes the historical background of the American continent, from the European colonization to the present, through the formation and development of independent states in the perspective of the national "Second West", ie in their political, institutional, cultural, economic with the 'Europe. The course will take a multidisciplinary approach, based on social and political institutions the most important States of the continent, its economic foundations, international relations, as well as the most significant regional organizations. They will also cover topics such as democratic representation, the struggles of some sectors of Latin American society to obtain political representation and the ways in which these claims have been repressed or ignored. All of which will serve not only to understand the historical processes of the continent and the contemporary internal and international conflicts, but also to introduce a specific case study significant from the point of view of its relationship with current events.

At the end of the course the student will have the knowledge of the main aspects of the geopolitical dynamics of the American continent from the twentieth century to the present day. In particular, the student will be able to approach critically to a specific case study, using the methodological tools and resources necessary to a bibliographic method.