Geophysical assessment and monitoring

Code 208DD
Credits 6

Learning outcomes

The course aims at presenting several geophysical methodologies that can be employed to assess and monitor unstable slopes. Starting from basic physical concepts about mechanics and electromagnetism, the attendees will develop a critical capability in order to choose the best candidate geophysical methods according to the specific features of the studied geological problems.
• Basic concepts of signal processing
• Geophysical methods for site assessment
• 1) Introduction to candidate methods (principles, equipment, design of acquisitions, data interpretation)
• Seismic methods
• Electrical methods
• Ground Penetrating Radar
• 2) Integration of methods (applicability conditions, selection of methods, complementarity, data integration)
• 3) Application examples
• Geophysical monitoring
• 1) Monitoring of microseismic activity (principles, sensors, network design, event picking and characterization, denoising, source localization)
• 2) Time-lapse geophysical measurements (GPR, ERT)