Practical training in internal medicine, surgery and reproduction of small animals

Code 1918Z
Credits 5

Learning outcomes

The student must participate to all clinical activities related the management of medical, surgical and obstetric cases, under the supervision of Veterinarians.
Starting from the reception of the patient and the owner, the student will actively involve in the clinical visits, contributing the formulation of the diagnostic process and the therapeutic plan. The student will also take part in anesthesiological visits and will collaborate in the execution of procedures in the surgical room.
At the end of the practical training the student must have acquired the ability to: know how to handle patients in a safe and comfortable way; carefully fill in a medical record, with all anamnestic data and results obtained by general and particular physical examination; interpret and process the acquired data to propose a diagnostic plan and subsequently appropriate treatment (medical, surgical or obstetrician); work as a member of a multidisciplinary team.