Practical training in internal medicine, surgery and reproduction of large animals and horses

Code 1919Z
Credits 4

Learning outcomes

The student will perform the clinical examination, the diagnostic procedure and the therapy on both medical and surgical cases. Concerning surgical cases, the student will follow both the anesthesiological and surgical procedures. Concerning reproduction, the student will evaluate not only reproductive cases but will also evaluate and perform the estrous cycle monitoring and pregnancy monitoring, as well as different reproductive technologies. The student will also participate in Herd Health's visits during which he/she will be able to collect the history and farm's data, be confident in speaking with the farmer and assess the monitoring plan. The student will also follow the analysis of data collected and become familiar with their interpretation in order to make a proper diagnosis and address therapy and solutions for the problems. The Herd Health training will be especially focus on udder health, metabolic status, fertility, lameness and calves care. At the end of the training period, the student must acquire the ability to fill in a medical record, especially focus on data from history and complete physical examination. The student will need to acquire the ability to interpret the data, to suggest a diagnostic plan, as well as to manage estrous cycle and pregnancy.