Code 467EE
Credits 6

Learning outcomes

Educational goals: The course aims to define the skills, both theoretical and practical, on the knowledge related to the scientific basis of the biodiversity, in particular, within the kingdom Plantae. Through knowledge of the tools required for recognition of the major taxa (belonging to the most significant families of pteridophytes, gymnosperms and angiosperms) in close correlation with the natural environment, preservation of diversity and issues for management and protection of land and the practice of mapping restitution and photo interpretation, are provided the tools necessary for a proper reading of the landscape and a possible environmental assessment. With this aim, it also provides information about the distribution of the endangered plant, their origin and evolution, the characterization of the major terrestrial biomes and vegetation typology present in Italy, with reference to specific cases.
Syllabus:The course deals with biodiversity of plant organisms that are described in taxonomic and systematic terms and based on their morpho-physiological adaptations and their relations with different environmental conditions. Deepens some specific issues concerning the ecology, flora, vegetation and nature conservation for reading the plant landscape and territorial issues.