Portoguese Language 3

Code 077LL
Credits 9

Learning outcomes

The Portuguese Language III course consists of a monographic course given by the lecturer (54 hours, 9 CFU) and lectures (written and oral) given by collaborators and language experts. Both the course and the lectures contribute to bringing students to the B2+ level of competence in Portuguese. Students are expected to be able to express themselves promptly and spontaneously in the two main varieties of Portuguese, and to deal with a wide range of text types, recognising implicit and explicit meanings; it requires the students’ ability to use the language by adapting it to the needs of various social contexts, both formal and informal; to produce clear, grammatically correct texts and speeches, adequately structured from the point of view of coherence and cohesion, on subjects including specialised ones, showing the ability to make correct use of organisational models and discursive connectors.