Russian Language 1

Code 011LL
Credits 9

Learning outcomes

The course aims to introduce the students to the Russian phonetics, morphology and syntax, providing the basics of written translation from Russian into Italian, and vice versa. Together with the monographic course, focused on the history of the Russian language and on the evolution of its literary norm, held by the lecturer, practical lectures will be delivered by mother tongue linguistic experts. The lectures will enable the students to achieve a linguistic competence equivalent to the A2 level of the European Framework of Reference for Languages, allowing them to meet the essential communication needs in typical contexts of everyday life. By the end of the course the student will have acquired the linguistic-communicative skills of the A2 level and will be able to master the grammatical structures of the Russian language and the vocabulary required by the A2 level. He will also be able to recognize and use Russian morphological structures in the sentences and explain their functioning. The student will be able to independently produce and interpret simple texts in Russian and translate short phrases from Russian into Italian and from Italian into Russian with spontaneity and fluency.