Business and Commercial Law

Code 375NN
Credits 12

Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is to provide a comparative knowledge of company law, focusing attention on the study of the various types of companies and corporate governance, as regulated by the most significant legal systems of civil law and common law. Then it examines the bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings with the same comparative approach.
Furthermore, an in-depth study is carried out on M&A operations. In this perspective, the course continues with the analysis of cross-border mobility of companies, understood as cross-border mergers and freedom of establishment, and with some reflections on European Company (SE).
After completing the part of company law, the course carries on offering an overview on general principles of international commercial contracts and therefore it introduces students to drafting techniques and study of practical cases.
Finally, the last lessons are dedicated to financial market law, of which it is highlighted both public profile, as the supervisory activity of Authorities on the markets, and a private profile, as investment services, collective management of savings and corporate compliance, analyzing the changes made by MIFID II.