Professional practice

Code 579NN
Credits 6

Learning outcomes

The fourth unit will offer a series of key research, professional and interpersonal skills: working in group, students will be involved in the organisation of a public conference with academic and non-academic digital players; they will complete a tutored project in partnership with AU associated industry partners; they will identify the topic of their thesis and investigate the most suitable research methodology; they will start preparing their semester 2 internship. The objective of this module is to clarify a certain amount of knowledge on the methods of the social sciences and to reflect on the choice of thesis subjects by the students. It is a question of questioning the progressive development of their research object, the choice of techniques, the development of tools and the way of processing the materials collected.
a) Digital players (1 ECTS)
b) Tutored project (3 ECTS)
c) Methodology of the dissertation (1 ECTS)
d) Professionalization and internship search (1 ECTS).