Sustainable and Degradable Polymers

Code 739II
Credits 6

Learning outcomes

This course emphasizes the recyclability and the cradle-to-grave nature of engineering materials. The course will focus on the modification and application of natural polymers, biopolymers, including their composites. Both processing and material characterisationwill be discussed in detail. The use, manufacture and design of biodegradable materials will also be discussed in the context of the cradle-to-grave or cradle-to-cradle materials use philosophy. Life cycle assessment of the process will be introduced alongside the societal perspective on the use of sustainable engineering materials. Strategies for the development and use of sustainable engineering materials will be discussed.
Topics will include:
Definitions related to Biopolymers, Proteins as Polymers, Polysaccharides as Polymers, Biofibers for Biocomposites, Microbial BioPolymers, Biomonomersand Polymers synthesized of, Bioresources, Natural Rubber, Properties and applicationsof biopolymers.