Polymeric Materials for Special Applications

Code 284CC
Credits 6

Learning outcomes

The course aims at providing a wide understanding of modern science and technology of polymeric materials with the principal objective of achieving a good knowledge of the chemical fundamentals of the design, preparation and application of polymers in a variety of advanced applications.
Main topics will deal with:
-Basic principles of the industrial chemistry of polymers, mainly synthetic polymers as well as natural polymers.
-Special features concerned with the molecular design, preparation and characterization of polymers starting from both petrochemicals, fine chemicals and chemicals from renewable resources.
-Analysis of the main physical-chemical properties, in view of current and prospective uses in e.g. optical and photonic devices, liquid crystalline fibers and composites, high performance and engineering plastics, environmentally friendly and biodegradable polymer systems.
The student will learn criteria for selection of more actual and profitable products and processes and will know how to tackle the current issues associated with science and technology for industrial production and its social-economical and environmental impact. He/she will be able to define structure-reactivity and structure-property relationships for special polymers in view of their practical performance in specific application fields.