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Anno accademico2022/23
PeriodoPrimo semestre

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Obiettivi di apprendimento

Overall knowledge about material cultire of Ancient Egypt, from about 4000 BC to AD 400.. The lectures will often focus on single achaeological sites amd discussion on archeological methords and problems.

Modalità di verifica delle conoscenze

The students should be able to evaluate old and more recent excavation reports. The student should get a broad knowledge about the most important archaeological finds.

Modalità di verifica delle capacità

The students should be able to evaluate old and more recent excavation reports. Will be able to see the potentials but also the limits of archaology in Egypt.

Prerequisiti (conoscenze iniziali)

English, some reading knowledge in French and German are desiarble.

Prerequisiti per studi successivi

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs

Indicazioni metodologiche

lectures and discussions. Students might be given some tasks and prepare short lectures.

Programma (contenuti dell'insegnamento)

always Monday 14.15-16.00 and Tuesday 8.30-10.00.


19th/20th  September pre history /Old Kingdom (5000 to 2200 BC)

3rd/4th October Old Kingdom/First Intermediare Period (2200 to 2000 BC)

17 th/18th October Middle Kingdom (2000 to 1600 BC)

24/25 October Middle Kingdom (2000 to 1600 BC)

7/8 November Middle Kingdom (2000 to 1550 BC)/New Kingdom (1550 to 1080 BC)

14/15 November New Kingdom

21/22 November New Kingdom (1550 to 1080 BC)

28/29 November Third Intermediate Period/Late Period (1080 to 330 BC)

12/13 December Late Period (1080 to 330 BC)/Egypt  in the Greek and Roman World (30 BC to AD 400)

Bibliografia e materiale didattico

Landscape/ the Nile

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general overviews:

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Old Kngdom

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towns and houses in the Old and Middle Kingdom (3000 to 1600 BC)

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Roman Egypt

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Egyptian Pottery Manuals

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