Academic year 2020/2021


Course structure diagram w/credits

Track Viticoltura ed Enologia

Year 1 (2020/2021)
 Computer ability 13 ECTS
001GGElements of agronomy 6 ECTS
011CCGeneral and inorganic chemistry9 ECTS
261EEGeneral and Systematic Botany9 ECTS
031AAMathematics and statistics9 ECTS
012CCOrganic Chemistry6 ECTS
012BBPhysics6 ECTS
014ZWUE foreign language (B1 level)3 ECTS
372GGWine marketing9 ECTS
Year 2 (2021/2022)
006GGGeneral and Wine Microbiology6 ECTS
193GGGeneral viticulture9 ECTS
191GGGenetics6 ECTS
004GGOenology I9 ECTS
190GGPlant Biochemistry6 ECTS
184ZWSeminar activities3 ECTS
003GGSoil Chemistry6 ECTS
016ZWUpdates of wine legislation3 ECTS
Year 3 (2022/2023)
1631Z3 ECTS
373GGMechanics and mechanization in viticulture6 ECTS
009GGOenology II, oenological tanks and equipment9 ECTS
192GGPathology and certification of grapevine9 ECTS
184ZWSeminar activities3 ECTS
374GGSensorial analysis of grapes and of wine6 ECTS
019ZWStage6 ECTS
013GGVineyard design and management9 ECTS
010GGViticultural Entomology6 ECTS