Academic year 2020/2021

NEUROSCIENCE Degree Program Profile

Course structure diagram w/credits


Year 1 (2020/2021)
414EEDevelopment and Differentiation of the nervous System6 ECTS
623AAMathematics for neurosciences6 ECTS
416EENanotechnology for neurosciences6 ECTS
420EENeurobiology I6 ECTS
419EENeurobiology II9 ECTS
418EENeurogenomics6 ECTS
417EENeuropharmacology and Biochemistry of Signalling6 ECTS
415EETransgenic models and molecular methods for Neurosciences6 ECTS
Group Attività a scelta - Choice of 9 ECTS from:
 480EEAnalysis of temporal series 3 ECTS
 426EEBiological basis of neurodegeneration and of neurodevelopmental diseases6 ECTS
 494EEComparative Neurobiology 3 ECTS
 425EEEnvironmental experience and brain plasticity3 ECTS
 422EEHuman Functional Imaging3 ECTS
 428EENeural stem cells3 ECTS
 423EENeurobiology of animal behaviour6 ECTS
 427EEOmics technologies for Neurosciences 3 ECTS
Year 2 (2021/2022)
421EENeurobiology III6 ECTS
467MMSensory and Cognitive Neuroscience6 ECTS
Group Master degree Thesis - Choice of 48 ECTS from:
 1984ZMaster degree Thesis A48 ECTS
 1985ZMaster degree Thesis B23 ECTS
 1539ZStage25 ECTS