Academic year 2022/2023


Course structure diagram w/credits


Year 1 (2022/2023)
267EEBiochemistry and biology6 ECTS
001SAComputer science3 ECTS
007QMDemoethnoanthropological disciplines and sociology of health6 ECTS
481ZWEnglish language3 ECTS
001GPFood technology6 ECTS
268EEHistology and anatomy6 ECTS
094FFMicrobiology and hygiene6 ECTS
002FBPhysics and statistics6 ECTS
006FEPhysiology and general pathology6 ECTS
579ZWProfessional training 9 ECTS
493ZWSeminars3 ECTS
Year 2 (2023/2024)
405FFDiseases of the cardio-vascular system and applied dietary sciences7 ECTS
159FFDiseases of the gastro-intestinal tract and applied nutrition6 ECTS
157FFEndocrinology, metabolic diseases and applied nutrition6 ECTS
160FFInternal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology6 ECTS
104FFKidney diseases and applied nutrition6 ECTS
162FFPaediatrics and applied nutrition6 ECTS
161FFProfessional training21 ECTS
Group ADE - II anno - Choice of 3 ECTS from:
 658ZWADE - Diabetes and pregnancy2 ECTS
 1734ZADE - Nutrition and sport1 ECTS
 1640ZADE - Phyto-therapeutic compounds and diabetes2 ECTS
 659ZWADE - Techniques for assessing and managing the obese patient2 ECTS
 1735ZADE - Therapeutic communication1 ECTS
 1977ZEvaluation and management of the obese patient1 ECTS
Year 3 (2024/2025)
 Business organization and research statistics5 ECTS
751ZWDissertation6 ECTS
014FEEating disorders and respiratory diseases6 ECTS
270FFProfessional training33 ECTS
269FFSurgical pathology and applied nutrition6 ECTS
Group ADE - III anno - Choice of 3 ECTS from:
 1629ZADE - Analysis of clinical and nutritional data1 ECTS
 747ZWADE - The non Invasive mechanical ventilation1 ECTS
 748ZWADE - The severe acute respiratory failure1 ECTS
 1977ZEvaluation and management of the obese patient1 ECTS
 1979ZMethods of study and treatment of swallowing pathologies1 ECTS
 1980ZNeurological pathologies that cause malnutrition1 ECTS
 1978ZRespiratory failure, mechanical ventilation and related problems1 ECTS