Academic year 2021/2022

SCIENZE GEOLOGICHE Degree Program Profile

Course structure diagram w/credits


Year 1 (2021/2022)
001CCChemistry9 ECTS
001DDGeology I (with laboratory)12 ECTS
690AAMathematics 12 ECTS
115DDMineralogy with Laboratory12 ECTS
002DDPhysical Geography and Cartography Laboratory I 9 ECTS
333BBPhysics 16 ECTS
Year 2 (2022/2023)
689AAElements of information technology for the Geosciences6 ECTS
116DDGeological Surveying and Mapping Laboratory II12 ECTS
010DDGeology II12 ECTS
127DDInterdisciplinary field course I3 ECTS
014DDPaleontology (with laboratory)12 ECTS
129DDPetrography with laboratory12 ECTS
334BBPhysics 26 ECTS
Year 3 (2023/2024)
009DDApplied Geology12 ECTS
128ZWFinal examination3 ECTS
1549ZForeign language3 ECTS
007DDFoundations of geophysics6 ECTS
008DDGeochemistry6 ECTS
011DDGeomorphology6 ECTS
006DDInter-disciplinary field course II3 ECTS
019DDVolcanology6 ECTS
Group AFC: attività consigliate per la libera scelta - Choice of 12 ECTS from:
 004DDAnalysis of geological materials6 ECTS
 005DDApplied structural geology6 ECTS
  Free activities12 ECTS
 529ZWFurther credits for final examination and/or stage activity6 ECTS
 018DDGeomorphological Surveying6 ECTS
 117DDHistory of geology and geoscience education6 ECTS
 691AAIntroduction to Applied Geophysics6 ECTS
 154DDMinerals - Environment - Resources6 ECTS
 172DDPlanetary Geology6 ECTS
 144DDStratigrafic geology6 ECTS
 015DDVertebrate Paleontology6 ECTS