Academic year 2019/2020

ECONOMIA E COMMERCIO Degree Program Profile

Course structure diagram w/credits

Track Piano di Studio Unico

Year 1 (2019/2020)
017PPBusiness Administration and Accounting12 ECTS
032PPCalculus12 ECTS
082ZWComputer usage skills3 ECTS
026PPEconomics12 ECTS
013NNInstitutions of private law12 ECTS
033PPstatistics9 ECTS
Year 2 (2020/2021)
018PPAdvanced Business Admistration 9 ECTS
063NNCompany Law9 ECTS
027PPMacroeconomics9 ECTS
067PPOrganizational Design6 ECTS
023NNPublic Law6 ECTS
Group GR1 - Choice of 6 ECTS from:
 043PPDemography6 ECTS
 073PPEconomic Statistics 6 ECTS
 059PPFinancial Mathematics6 ECTS
 079PPMathematical methods for economics and management science6 ECTS
Group GR2 - Choice of 6 ECTS from:
 077PPEconomic History6 ECTS
 052PPIndustrial Organisation6 ECTS
Group GR3 - Choice of 9 ECTS from:
 099LLEnglish language9 ECTS
 098LLFrench Language 9 ECTS
 101LLGerman Language9 ECTS
 100LLSpanish language9 ECTS
Year 3 (2021/2022)
081ZWFinal examination3 ECTS
Group GR4 - Choice of 18 ECTS from:
 048PPEconomic Development6 ECTS
 068PPEconomic Policy 9 ECTS
 074PPHistory of Economic Thought6 ECTS
 053PPInternational Economics6 ECTS
 223PPIntroduction to Econometrics9 ECTS
 024PPMonetary economics6 ECTS
 071PPPublic Finance9 ECTS
Group GR5 - Choice of 9 ECTS from:
 022PPBanking Economics 9 ECTS
 326PPBusiness Economics and Management9 ECTS
Group GR6 - Choice of 6 ECTS from:
 070PPAccounting for public sector6 ECTS
 039PPCost Accounting6 ECTS
 084PPFinancial Statements6 ECTS
Group GR7 - Choice of 12 ECTS from:
 099PPAuditing9 ECTS
 072PPBusiness statistics6 ECTS
 512PPCommodity Science6 ECTS
 029PPCorporate Finance9 ECTS
 065PPDecision Models for Economics and Management Science6 ECTS
 051PPEcological Economics6 ECTS
 023MMEconomic Geography6 ECTS
 558PPEconomics of Financial Markets9 ECTS
 046PPEconomics of Transportation Systems 6 ECTS
 012NNEconomics private law6 ECTS
 034AAElements of Data Processing for Economics and for Business6 ECTS
 015NNEnvironmental Law6 ECTS
 016NNEuropean Union Law6 ECTS
 069PPFinancial accounting9 ECTS
 035PPHistory and monetary policy6 ECTS
 076PPHistory of the Enterprise6 ECTS
 094NNIntellectual Property and Competition Law6 ECTS
 317PPInternational monetary economics6 ECTS
 014NNLabour Law6 ECTS
 019NNLaw and ecomics - Public6 ECTS
 045PPManagement of public utilities6 ECTS
 061PPMathematics for economics6 ECTS
 060PPMathematics for Financial Markets6 ECTS
 044PPModels in population economics6 ECTS
 024NNPublic Law II6 ECTS
 047PPPublic management and accounting9 ECTS
 020NNRegional and Local Government Law6 ECTS
 054PPRegional Economics6 ECTS
 050PPRetailing6 ECTS
 064PPStatistical Methods for Economics6 ECTS
 363NNTaxation law6 ECTS
 106PP Vocational course and managerial practice.9 ECTS
Group GR9: attività a libera scelta dello studente - Choice of 12 ECTS from:
 455ZWActivities chosen by the student12 ECTS
 085ZWStage 6CFU6 ECTS