Academic year 2022/2023


Course structure diagram w/credits

Track Curriculum unico

Year 1 (2022/2023)
096IIComputer Science Foundations12 ECTS
011BBGeneral Physics I 12 ECTS
900IIInternet Technologies6 ECTS
591AALinear Algebra and Mathematical Analysis II12 ECTS
004AAMathematical Analysis I12 ECTS
442AANumerical analysis6 ECTS
Year 2 (2023/2024)
908IIData Analytics6 ECTS
116IIEconomy and Business Organization 6 ECTS
091IIElectrical Engineering 6 ECTS
136IIElectronics 12 ECTS
907IIFoundations of electromagnetics.6 ECTS
566IIFoundations of telecommunications6 ECTS
903IIMobile APP and cloud.6 ECTS
134IISignals and Systems12 ECTS
Year 3 (2024/2025)
568IIDigital Signal Processing (DSP)12 ECTS
 English language test 3 ECTS
351ZZFinal examination3 ECTS
902IINetworking 9 ECTS
901IIRF transceiver design6 ECTS
905IITelecommunication software lab6 ECTS
899IIWireless systems technologies9 ECTS
Group Attività consigliate per la libera scelta - Choice of 12 ECTS from:
 569IICompatibility, security and monitoring of electromagnetic fields 6 ECTS
 906IIInternet Lab6 ECTS
 904IISatellite Broadcasting and Positioning6 ECTS