Academic year 2022/2023

CHIMICA Degree Program Profile

Course structure diagram w/credits

Track Chimica

Year 1 (2022/2023)
009ZWBasic Inorganic Chemistry 3 ECTS
688AACalculus I9 ECTS
003ZYEnglish3 ECTS
229CCFundamentals Analytical Chemistry + Laboratory6 ECTS
003CCGeneral and Inorganic Chemistry + Laboratory12 ECTS
332BBGeneral Physics I6 ECTS
001ZWInformatic Capabilities3 ECTS
293CCIntroduction to Organic Chemistry3 ECTS
012AALinear Algebra3 ECTS
Group Attività consigliate per la scelta libera: gruppo 1 - Choice of 6 ECTS from:
 1764ZCertification and Quality Control3 ECTS
 318CCHistory of Chemistry and essentials of Chemistry education3 ECTS
Year 2 (2023/2024)
280AAAdvanced Mathematics6 ECTS
225CCAnalytical Chemistry I + Laboratory 9 ECTS
147BBClassical Electrodynamics6 ECTS
084CCIndustrial Chemistry6 ECTS
088CCInorganic Chemistry I6 ECTS
227CCOrganic Chemistry I + Laboratory9 ECTS
082CCPhysical Chemistry I + Laboratory 12 ECTS
Group Attività consigliate per la scelta libera: gruppo 2 - Choice of 6 ECTS from:
 078CCAtmosphere Chemistry3 ECTS
 319CCChemistry education: principles, methods and best practices3 ECTS
 072CCChemistry of the Transition Elements3 ECTS
 075CCCoordination Chemistry I3 ECTS
Year 3 (2024/2025)
068CCAnalytical Chemistry II + Laboratory 9 ECTS
126EEBiological Chemistry6 ECTS
087CCInorganic Chemistry: selected areas6 ECTS
228CCOrganic Chemistry II + Laboratory12 ECTS
246CCPhysical Chemistry II + Laboratory 15 ECTS
149ZWThesis and final examination15 ECTS
Group Attività consigliate per la scelta libera: gruppo 3 - Choice of 3 ECTS from:
 377CCBibliographic Research in organic chemistry 3 ECTS
 226CCBioinorganic Chemistry3 ECTS
 378CCChemistry of Biomolecules3 ECTS
 073CCChemistry of Cultural Heritage A3 ECTS
 076CCChemistry of organometallic compounds3 ECTS
 919ZWComplements of mathematics for chemists3 ECTS
 074CCCultural heritage chemistry B3 ECTS
 099CCEnvironmental monitoring3 ECTS
 104CCMass Spectrometry in Organic and Bioorganic Chemistry3 ECTS
 096CCPhotochemistry: phenomenological aspects3 ECTS