Academic year 2020/2021

FARMACIA Degree Program Profile

Course structure diagram w/credits

Track Piano di studi Farmacia a.a. 2020/21

Year 1 (2020/2021)
454EEAnimal and plant biology9 ECTS
1645ZEnglish language5 ECTS
299CCGeneral and Inorganic Chemistry10 ECTS
311BBGeneral Physics and Elements of Mathematics6 ECTS
450EEHuman anatomy6 ECTS
335FFHygiene6 ECTS
003FAIT and medical statistics6 ECTS
336FFMicrobiology6 ECTS
Year 2 (2021/2022)
032CCAnalytical chemistry6 ECTS
337FFGeneral and clinical pathology 6 ECTS
459EEHuman Physiology9 ECTS
300CCOrganic Chemistry12 ECTS
455EEPharmacognosy and pharmaceutical botany9 ECTS
344CCQualitative Analysis of Drugs I6 ECTS
345CCQuantitative Drugs Analysis 6 ECTS
460EEScience of Nutrition6 ECTS
Year 3 (2022/2023)
294CCFood chemistry and dietary supplements6 ECTS
453EEGeneral and Molecular Biochemistry12 ECTS
457EEGeneral pharmacology 12 ECTS
298CCMedicinal Chemistry and Toxicology II9 ECTS
297CCMedicinal chemistry I9 ECTS
301CCPharmaceutical regulation and pharmacoeconomics 12 ECTS
Year 4 (2023/2024)
452EEApplied medical biochemistry9 ECTS
296CCDrugs analysis II12 ECTS
451EEMolecular basis of biotechnological drug activity6 ECTS
303CCPharmaceutical technology and Laboratory of galenic preparations12 ECTS
456EEPharmacology and Pharmacotherapy 2 12 ECTS
458EEPharmacovigilance and Pharmacoepidemiology6 ECTS
1647ZProfessional training9 ECTS
Year 5 (2024/2025)
 Activities chosen by the student12 ECTS
302CCAdvanced pharmaceutical technology and medical devices6 ECTS
063ZWDissertation15 ECTS
1646ZProfessional training21 ECTS
461EEToxicology6 ECTS