Academic year 2022/2023


Course structure diagram w/credits


Year 1 (2022/2023)
057EEBiochemistry and molecular biology12 ECTS
036AAComputer science5 ECTS
096ZWForeign language3 ECTS
125GGGeneral Animal Husbandry and Genetic Improvement6 ECTS
014BBmathematics/physics applied to physiological systems6 ECTS
058EEPlant and animal biology6 ECTS
104GGVeterinary anatomy I6 ECTS
105GGVeterinary anatomy II8 ECTS
114GGVeterinary Histology, Embryology and developmental abnormalities6 ECTS
Year 2 (2023/2024)
118GGAnimal Feeding and Nutrition and Feed Industry7 ECTS
123GGEconomics and Agronomy and Forage Crops6 ECTS
121GGGeneral Pathology and Physiopathology 8 ECTS
117GGMicrobiology and parasitology10 ECTS
110GGPhysiology and endocrinology11 ECTS
111GGPhysiology, ethology and animal welfare9 ECTS
Year 3 (2024/2025)
103GGAnatomic Pathology and Necropsy Technique12 ECTS
126GGAnimal husbandry and Poultry and Rabbit Science12 ECTS
244GGAvian Pathology, Parasitic Diseases and Public Health11 ECTS
243GGInfectious diseases and veterinary epidemiology11 ECTS
109GGVeterinary pharmacology, toxicology and chemotherapy9 ECTS
Year 4 (2025/2026)
242GGAndrology and Reproductive Technologies7 ECTS
113GGFood inspection10 ECTS
1920ZPractical training in Animal Feeding and Nutrition2 ECTS
1924ZPractical training in Animal Husbandry2 ECTS
1917ZPractical training in Infectious diseases of domestic animals3 ECTS
1916ZPractical training in Inspection of food of animal origin3 ECTS
1921ZPractical training in Parasitology and Parasitic Diseases of domestic animals2 ECTS
1915ZPractical training in Veterinary Anatomic Pathology 3 ECTS
1923ZPractical training in Zoocolture1 ECTS
245GGReproductive pathology and Veterinary Obstetrics8 ECTS
354GGSemiology, Clinical Pathology and Internal Medicine9 ECTS
359GGSurgical Pathology, Surgical Semeiotics and diagnostic imaging 12 ECTS
352GGVeterinary internal medicine6 ECTS
Year 5 (2026/2027)
097ZWFinal report15 ECTS
360GGHygiene, technology and control systems in the food industry9 ECTS
1922ZPractical training in animal emergency and intensive care5 ECTS
1919ZPractical training in internal medicine, surgery and reproduction of large animals and horses4 ECTS
1918ZPractical training in internal medicine, surgery and reproduction of small animals5 ECTS
107GGSurgery, Veterinary Surgical Procedures and Anaesthesiology12 ECTS
353GGVeterinary Internal Medicine and Forensic Medicine9 ECTS
Group SCELTA - Choice of 9 ECTS from:
 405GGFree activities - Advanced assessment in large animal internal medicine 3 ECTS
 396GGFree activities - Advanced knowledge in business and management of veterinary clinics3 ECTS
 407GGFree activities - Advanced reproductive technologies in domestic mammals3 ECTS
 181GGFree activities - Advances in internal medicine of dogs and cats3 ECTS
 399GGFree activities - Animal welfare and ethics in the relationship with the human being3 ECTS
 404GGFree activities - Chemical Residues in Food of Animal Origin3 ECTS
 400GGFree activities - Clinical Neuropathology3 ECTS
 402GGFree activities - Diagnostics for infectious diseases 3 ECTS
 358GGFree activities - Emergency procedures 3 ECTS
 397GGFree activities - Farming systems of unconventional livestock3 ECTS
 406GGFree activities - Loco-regional anaesthesia advanced techniques3 ECTS
 182GGFree activities - morphofunctional evaluation3 ECTS
 401GGFree activities - Small Animal Oncology3 ECTS
 398GGFree activities - Ultrastructural Morphology3 ECTS
 403GGFree activities - Veterinary Fungal Diseases3 ECTS