Academic year 2022/2023


Course structure diagram w/credits

Track Sistemi agricoli sostenibili

Year 1 (2022/2023)
545GGBiological and integrated control of arthropod pests6 ECTS
ZW965Computer ability 2 ECTS
569GGCropping systems6 ECTS
568GGCultivated tree systems6 ECTS
570GGLivestock farming systems6 ECTS
562GGPrinciples of agroecology6 ECTS
392GGRural and environmental valuation6 ECTS
574GGSustainable use of plant protection products6 ECTS
047ZWUE foreign language (B2 level)3 ECTS
Group Lavori guidati comuni a tutti i piani di studio - Choice of 12 ECTS from:
 1710ZCAD laboratory3 ECTS
 2058ZClimate change mitigation and adaptation farming options3 ECTS
 2054ZEcological footprint of agricultural products and processes3 ECTS
  Ecosystem services in rural areas3 ECTS
 538GGEnvironmental biomonitoring 3 ECTS
 2057ZEnvironmental monitoring 3 ECTS
 2053ZGIS for agriculture3 ECTS
 1715ZManagement and safety of urban trees3 ECTS
 2056ZPhytotreament and bioremediation3 ECTS
 2060ZPlant breeding advanced technologies3 ECTS
 2061ZPlant propagation techinques3 ECTS
 2062ZPrecision feeding3 ECTS
 1713ZWeed flora agroecological assessment3 ECTS
Year 2 (2023/2024)
2059ZFinal test20 ECTS
2082ZStage5 ECTS
Group Esami da scegliere a seconda del piano di studio scelto - Choice of 24 ECTS from:
 560GGAdavanced detection and monitoring of crop stresses6 ECTS
 539GGAutomation and robotics in agriculture6 ECTS
 540GGBioeconomy6 ECTS
 002NGBioeconomy labs6 ECTS
 565GGEcosystem services of integrated crop-livestock farm I6 ECTS
 566GGEcosystem services of integrated crop-livestock farm II6 ECTS
 547GGInnovation for the agroindustrial livestock farming systems 6 ECTS
 548GGInnovations on horticultural crops6 ECTS
 543GGInnovative crops for the agro-industry6 ECTS
 544GGInnovative crops for the agro-industry II6 ECTS
 553GGLabs of quality products6 ECTS
 558GGPlant breeding for sustainable agriculture6 ECTS
 551GGPrecision farming lab6 ECTS
 561GGPrecision vegetables and floriculture crops in greenhouse system6 ECTS
 563GGProduct quality I6 ECTS
 564GGProducts quality II6 ECTS
 567GGSafety of plant-based products6 ECTS
 562NNSustainable development and rural law6 ECTS
 571GGSustainable rural systems6 ECTS
  Water resource monitoring and management6 ECTS
Group Libera scelta a seconda del piano di studio scelto - Choice of 12 ECTS from:
 536GGAgri-food policy6 ECTS
 550GGAgroecology labs3 ECTS
 537GGAgroforestry 6 ECTS
 552GGAgroindustrial production labs3 ECTS
 051GGApidology and beekeeping3 ECTS
 546GGBiochemical fertility and soil microbiology6 ECTS
 541GGBiology, production and control of seeds3 ECTS
 557GGExperimental methodology in agricultural sciences3 ECTS
 513GGGeomatics and livestock building design6 ECTS
 598GGInnovation for horticultural nursery6 ECTS
 554GGMachines and plants for agricultural products transformation3 ECTS
 555GGMechanization in sustainable farming6 ECTS
 542GGPhytosanitary certification6 ECTS
 556GGPlant secondary metabolites3 ECTS
 549GGPlant-stress and climate change interaction3 ECTS
 622GGPostharvest technology of agricultural crops3 ECTS
 573GGRemote sensing of herbaceous and tree crops6 ECTS
 559GGSecondary metabolites for agro-industry3 ECTS
 080GGUse and recycle of biomass6 ECTS
 575GGWaste reduction strategies in agricultural systems3 ECTS
 058GGWoody and forestry ecosystems6 ECTS